Senior Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientist
We are seeking a Senior Data Scientist to research and develop algorithms and techniques to be used on available data in the marine environment for the purpose of enhancing our ability to detect and monitor human activity & human impacts on the oceans.

About Us

More than 80% of all life on Earth dwells in our ocean, producing over half of the planet’s oxygen. 3 billion people derive their protein from seafood. 1 in 8 people depend on the sea to earn their livelihood. The ocean regulates our weather and our climate.

Yet the ocean is under dire threat from human activity and the relentless effects of climate change. It is estimated that 60% of the world’s major marine ecosystems have been degraded or used unsustainably. Thousands of ocean species are threatened with extinction.

OceanMind supports ocean protection. We help those tasked with regulating human activity on the ocean, assisting them to enforce rules and increase compliance. Using satellites and artificial intelligence, we identify suspected non-compliance and deliver actionable insights.

The role

To research and develop algorithms for use within OceanMind’s products

Areas of interest include:

• Vessel detection, identification and verification from various imagery sources; including satellite optical imagery, infrared imagery, radar, drone-mounted sensors, etc.
• Vessel behaviour analysis based on vessel tracking data (GPS).
• Analysing large number of vessels’ historical tracks simultaneously.
• Identification of fixed and moveable objects such as oil platforms.
• Pollution monitoring in the ocean.

Skills & Experience required
• Understanding of time-domain pattern matching techniques with particular emphasis on using noisy and incomplete data, including extensive experience in the application of such techniques.
• Extensive knowledge of a wide range of pattern matching techniques, such as DNN, HMM, GMM, SVM.
• Working experience of a range of signal processing techniques.
• C/C++ essential.
• Working experience with Tensorflow, Python & Linux .

Why join us?

If you share our passion and would like to be part of an inclusive workplace that values diversity, please send a covering letter and your CV to OceanMind Careers:

This is an exciting and versatile role with a salary of £50,000 – £75,000 per annum depending on experience and benefits. The role is full-time, but we will consider different work patterns for the right candidate.

The role will involve home working, with some office working in Harwell and possible travel within the UK.