Our People

OceanMind is a UK-based not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to power marine enforcement and compliance to protect the ocean’s ability to provide for human wellbeing.  Using satellites and artificial intelligence we help authorities enforce more effectively and industry work more responsibly.

We achieve this through our diverse, dedicated, and driven team of experts in everything from Artificial Intelligence through to Zoology.  Our team has assembled from all across the globe, including New Zealand, the Philippines, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, the USA, Europe, and the UK, bringing a wealth of experience with them.

Our People

Andy Richardson

Fisheries Analyst

Having lived and worked on Ascension Island as Chief Conservation Scientist, our Fisheries analyst Andy Richardson, is interested in the future of the UK Overseas Territories, particularly monitoring large associated MPAs using remote sensing tools.

Annie Posnett

Operations Manager

Operations Manager Annie Posnett co-ordinates our facilities, and also manages our extensive travel arrangements around the globe.

Craig Pearce

Remote Sensing Specialist

Remote Sensing Specialist Craig Pearce has a scientific research background. He uses remote sensing methods of vessel monitoring, including satellite vessel detection and methods to detect or estimate GHG emissions from vessels.

Emma Seal

Fisheries Analyst

Fisheries Analyst Emma Seal has worked across Latin America, Africa and Asia in conservation and social science. She uses her experience to investigate and provide actionable intelligence about IUU fishing and labour and human rights issues at sea.

Eunice Borero

Fisheries Analyst

Fisheries Analyst Eunice Borero uses technology to investigate fishing activities to help curtail illegal and overfishing. Having lived in the Pacific for 14 years, she discovered the relationship between the health of the ocean and the local economy.

Gregory Brown

Fisheries Analyst

Fisheries Analyst Greg Brown focuses on compliance and regulation understanding how commercial fisheries interact with the environment and how managers and enforcement bodies can minimise impacts, improve compliance and sustainability.

Inga Wise

Director of Outreach

Director of Outreach Inga is responsible for all of OceanMind's fundraising activities and developing partnerships with key stakeholders.

James Chalmers

Agile Product Owner

As part of the Technology team, James Chalmers helps the OceanMind team with adopting Agile methodologies to develop and deliver our technical projects and products.

Jasper Laurente

Fisheries Analyst

Using innovative technology, Fishing Analyst Jasper Laurente monitors fishing practises and compliance across the world. With a background in Papua New Guinea’s Fishing Industry Association he has been involved in many quality control fishing practices.

Joe Wadsworth

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Joe Wadsworth joined OceanMind from the energy sector in 2021 to lead the Strategic Partnerships team and helps create and develop partnerships that allow everyone to achieve the results or outcomes they need.

Julian Engel

Fisheries Analyst

Marine specialist and Fisheries Analyst Julian Engel investigates IUU fishing vessels with stakeholders to end the practices. He has worked in fisheries in Honduras and the Philippines and enforcement support on large scale fisheries in West Africa.

Katrina Pennington

Human Resources Manager

Katrina’s focus is on making OceanMind a great place to work, where people can thrive, feel part of something special, and do their best work.

Kelly Jones

Project Manager

Project Manager Kelly joined OceanMind's Project Management Office in January 2022 and manages a wide range of projects spanning from our work in the UK and overseas.

Kerri De Sousa

Project Manager

Kerri De Sousa works in the Project Management Office as a Project Manager. The team is instrumental in developing organisational processes to support the stability, sustainability and growth of OceanMind.

Lulu Phillips

Marketing and Communications Manager

Marketing and Communications Manager Lulu Phillips joined OceanMind in 2021 to manage our communications activities, including this website!

Maria Webb

HR Administrator

HR Administrator Maria Webb supports the HR department with our wellbeing awareness and ensures our teams are fully supported whether they are working at home or abroad.

Mark Nicholson

Senior MCS Advisor

Mark Nicholson is Senior MCS Compliance Legal Advisor working with the Department of Fisheries in Thailand. He has previously worked as a Fisheries Prosecutor for New Zealand’s Ministry of Primary Industries specialising in fisheries prosecution.

Mark Powell

Senior Fisheries Analysts and Project Manager

US Senior Analyst & PM Mark Powell leads our work estimating greenhouse gas emissions from global shipping. OceanMind is part of the Climate TRACE coalition and with other members helps measure global GHG emissions from all sectors collaborating with NGOs

Martina Masanova

Software Engineer

Software engineer Martina Masanova works in C# development for Azure Cloud, focusing on the migration of the on-premises system to cloud. She also develops web based and desktop tools working with various other technologies in our software stack.

Max Schofield

Fisheries Compliance Data Scientist

New Zealander Max Schofield is a Fisheries Analyst using his scientific background in fisheries to help improve fishing practices. He’s worked on assessments of fish stocks using commercial Catch Per Unit Effort data and geospatial mapping.

Molly Ropner

Strategic Partnerships Associate

Strategic Partnerships Associate Molly Ropner uses her background in economics to help the team with its stakeholder partnerships. She doesn’t have a background in conservation or marine biology but since starting at OceanMind, it has become a passion.

Natalie Tellwright

Senior Fisheries Analyst

Senior Fisheries Analyst Natalie Tellwright’s background in conservation, biological and environmental science, combined with commercial fisheries experience, helps provide actionable solutions across a range of social and environmental challenges.

Natasha Brown

Executive Assistant to CEO

Natasha is the Executive Assistant to Nick Wise providing day-to-day support for the smooth running of the CEO office and legal team.  She spent 10 years within the Aurora Group supporting its in-house Legal Counsel.

Nick Wise


After 20 years’ designing highly secure software and with a passion for ocean health, CEO Nick Wise founded OeanMind. He develops solutions for governments and NGOs to deliver actionable insights and recommendations into fishing vessel compliance.

Oliver Ashford

Fisheries Analyst

Fisheries Analyst Oliver Ashford is passionate about using technology to end IUU fishing activity and promote the sustainable harvesting of oceans. He’s worked around the world including investigating the impact of bottom trawling on deep-sea animals.

Pablo Trueba

Senior Fisheries Analyst

Senior Fisheries Analyst Pablo Trueba has worked on many oceans using technology to monitor and investigate fishing activity. Now he focuses on intelligence, project design and management, and capacity building for analysts and law enforcement officers.

Patrick Hardiman

Project Scheduler

Project Manager Patrick Hardiman’s background is digital delivery in various sectors including recruitment, internet telephony, and international development. At OceanMind Patrick works on project scheduling, and assists the I&C team with resourcing.

Redner Nogueira

Software Engineer

Software Engineer Redner Nogueira uses his vast experience to rebuild and re-design our on- premise systems into cloud-based solutions. He also maintains and enhances our systems for use in different technologies to support our analysts.

Ricardo Camacho

Lead Software Engineer

Software transformation lead Ricardo Camacho has more than 20 years’ commercial experience, working with international clients from a diversity of market sectors such as finance, banking, pharmaceutical, transportation, logistics and telecoms.

Roisin Guerin

Head of PMO

Roisin Guerin has joined OceanMind from the technology sector where she leads the PMO department and oversees the delivery of our projects.

Samantha Elliot

Senior Fisheries Analyst

Senior Fisheries Analyst Samantha Elliott works with our Partners supporting the Blue Belt Project helping protect marine reserves in UK Overseas Territories. She’s run onboard data capture projects where results have informed quota policy decisions.

Sebastian Jennings

Fisheries Analyst

Fisheries Analyst Seb Jennings has surveyed marine life across the world, in particular the seas around Antartica. He has spent a great deal of time collecting data and creating maps – a great way to visualise graphics in the fishing sector.

Stella Bartolini Cavicchi

Fisheries Analyst

Fisheries Analyst Stella Bartolini Cavicchi joined OceanMind from the UK Government in 2021 and uses policy expertise to improve fisheries and marine ecosystem management. Stella is passionate about international environmental agreements and processes.

Tia Hobson

Fisheries Analyst

Fisheries Analyst Tia Hobson helps governments and suppliers understand fishing activity, risks of IUU fishing and sustainability. She specialises in Port State Measures Agreement to produce intelligence on foreign-flagged vessel compliance.

Trevor Thomas

Chief Data Scientist

Chief Data Scientist, Trevor Thomas, leads OceanMind’s machine learning research programme to better understand human activity on the ocean. Trevor’s algorithms accurately identify fishing and possible human rights abuses.

Velma McMaster

Financial Controller

Financial Controller Velma McMaster has a great deal of experience as head of finance building relationships with suppliers and internal departments to ensure that best practices controls and processes are understood and maintained.