Aquaculture is the largest consumer of seafood harvested for non-food use and unfortunately, the feed used in aquaculture is often insufficiently documented.

Salmon and other carnivorous fish need fish oil and feed from wild sources which leads to a lot of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fish entering the supply chain, as fish from a single IUU catch could be spread across entire batches of feed, and in turn many pens of farmed fish. This snowballing aggregation effect is a major risk facing aquaculture producers today.

OceanMind is working internationally with producers in aquaculture by analysing suppliers’ tracking documentation right back to the source fishing vessels to identify areas of non-conformity or suspicious activity that requires further investigation, helping them become more responsible and build transparency in their supply chains.

To discuss how we can help your aquaculture fishery source more responsible feed, contact us in confidence today.

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