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To help eliminate a major global threat to healthy, sustainable fisheries, The Pew Charitable Trusts approached OceanMind (as the Satellite Applications Catapult) to capture and analyse satellite imagery to detect, track and prosecute illegal fishers through “Project Eyes on the Seas”.

“Project Eyes on the Seas” was born from a cutting-edge technology platform that combines satellite monitoring and imagery data with other information, such as fishing vessel databases and oceanographic data, to help authorities detect suspicious fishing activity.

Project Eyes on the Seas resulted in a system designed for The Pew Charitable Trusts as a cost-effective global fisheries monitoring and enforcement tool for governments around the world, including the most resource-poor enforcement agencies, to monitor and detect illegal fishing and related activities.

The UK government has successfully used this system to monitor fisheries and marine reserves around Ascension Island and the Pitcairn Islands, and the project is committed to continue this work with other governments across the world.

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