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In April 2015, the European Commission put Thailand on formal notice for taking insufficient measures to combat Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing by issuing a Yellow Card. This led the Royal Thai Government and the Thailand seafood industry to look carefully at their country’s monitoring, control and surveillance of its fisheries, with a fundamental desire to establish a legitimate and transparent supply chain and address some of the complex fisheries issues which had been prevalent for some time.

The seafood industry leaders, who have strong business links in Thailand, formed the Seafood Task Force to lead Thailand’s seafood supply chain towards a more sustainable pathway while supporting the monitoring, control and surveillance capability improvements.

Responding to the Seafood Task Force’s desire to establish a legitimate and transparent supply chain, OceanMind’s seafood traceability pilot project in Thailand was launched and successfully demonstrated how governments, markets and technology can work together to offer greater transparency in our seafood’s journey from bait to port. This provided a tangible example of how the seafood industry can track and verify interactions along the entire supply chain in response to consumer demand for assurance that their seafood has been legally caught.

The Seafood Task Force is now helping all its members identify problems and possible solutions thanks to the specific analysis initially provided by OceanMind’s technology.


“The Seafood Task Force is committed to addressing issues surrounding labour and illegal fishing in seafood supply chains. OceanMind has been instrumental in understanding the compliance patterns of fishing vessels. The insights delivered have helped change behaviour on the water and have mitigated risk to seafood supply chains in the seas around Thailand. We look forward to continuing this relationship in 2017.”

Bob Miller, Sub-Group Head, Seafood Task Force

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