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Judith Batchelar, Director, Sainsbury’s Brand

“We want to be sure that we have absolute traceability to the point of capture for all the fish we sell. As such, we’ve commissioned independent monitoring services from OceanMind, including analysis of data sets relating to, for example, vessel licensing, fishing methods and quota. By doing this, we will significantly improve our traceability systems and deliver transparency and assurance, as well as doing our bit to protect fisheries and the environment.”



Seafood Task Force

Bob Miller, Sub-Group Head, Seafood Task Force

“The Seafood Task Force is committed to addressing issues surrounding labour and illegal fishing in seafood supply chains. OceanMind has been instrumental in understanding the compliance patterns of fishing vessels. The insights delivered have helped change behaviour on the water and have mitigated risk to seafood supply chains in the seas around Thailand.  We look forward to continuing this relationship in 2017.”

National Geographic Society

Sylvia Earle, Explorer-in-residence, National Geographic Society

“The existence of this facility should make illegal fishers (with their links to human, drugs and arms trafficking) wary, as they know their activities can be tracked and ships apprehended when they arrive at port. [This is] truly a breakthrough vital to building a sustainable blue economy, already in operation and scalable to include a focus on especially sensitive ocean areas.”

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