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OceanMind works with a broad range of organisations, including:

OceanMind delivers unbiased insight and information in the areas of vessel compliance, seafood supply chain risk identification, Exclusive Economic Zones and fisheries monitoring, and marine reserve monitoring. Our partners include: governments, government agencies and regulatory bodies, fisheries, retailers, producers, aquaculture and non-government organisations.


Providing governments with maritime domain awareness to help them understand the full extent of activity taking place within their waters. More

Trade Bodies / Groups

Working with trade bodies and industry groups around the world providing reliable, unbiased information and insight. More

Retailers & Suppliers

Helping retailers and suppliers demonstrate provenance of the seafood in their supply chain, and understand and mitigate associated risks. More


Providing consultancy services to fishermen and fishing companies to help ensure they have the right policies in place to ensure and demonstrate compliance with rules and regulations. More

Regulatory & Management Bodies

Providing regulatory and management bodies with evidence of compliance by vessels acting within their area of responsibility. More