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Building tools to support our analysis

OceanMind’s technology is a highly sophisticated system that performs in-depth computer analysis using machine learning, to analyse information from a wide variety of sources. This provides our analysts with detailed information which together with their extensive experience, greatly increases the detail of our intelligence on possible illegal fishing and compliant legal fishing behaviour.

Our continued development in our technology system has brought about a number of benefits and these can be tailored to meet each client’s needs.

  • Global and scalable picture of fishing activity and maritime domain awareness
  • Reduced human interaction to lower costs and increase effectiveness, allowing clients to do more with their limited resources
  • Driving down the cost of surveillance, data handling and data sharing
  • Fair and equitable operation
  • Encouragement of cooperation and data sharing at a regional level to reduce the patchy nature of surveillance methods

Data Sources

Our technology system has been specifically designed to operate with numerous data sources to deliver the wide range of intelligence and insight required by our customers. We continually build on our data sources to keep them up-to-date and relevant. The types of data we work with include:

  • Open and proprietary vessel tracking telemetry
  • Satellite-based RADAR observations
  • Satellite-based optical and near-infrared imagery
  • Unmanned aerial, surface or underwater vehicle sensors
  • Global environmental, climate and meteorological information
  • “Crowd sourced” observations
  • Vessel registry databases
  • Fishing license databases
  • Vessel blacklists maintained by enforcement authorities
  • Specialist fisheries analysis databases

Provenance and Assurance

At OceanMind, we bring together multiple data sources in real-time to prove where vessels have fished and whether they have done so legally, giving you peace of mind that the information is accurate, actionable and if necessary, enforceable.

Data Security
Our software is built with security at the core. Data security is integral to the design

of our technology and OceanMind has the facilities to keep your data safe, separate, and secure. All data entrusted to OceanMind by our partners and clients is kept completely private and confidential.

Please contact us for more information and we can discuss your requirements.